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Keep Your Electrical Equipment Organized

Posted by Kimball Midwest on February 29, 2024

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If you work with electricity, you know every detail matters. From installations to repairs, precision and care define the work you do. But amid all the projects you take on, there’s one factor that can be overlooked: proper equipment storage.


When working with electricity, there are so many different parts and pieces you have to have on hand. With all this equipment, it’s easy for your shop to get cluttered and disorganized.


Here are some products that can help you organize your electrical inventory, and ultimately, your shop.


Cable Ties

Don’t let cable ties just lay around. Keep them in one convenient place with a cable tie rack. This rack is a great solution because it allows you to easily grab a cable tie rather than finding the right drawer and opening it. This rack can hold five sizes of cables, and its size makes it convenient to put on a shop setup or workbench.


Battery Cables

If you have battery cables but have no place to put them, consider our battery cable rack. It features three shelves to fit your cables and can be bolted on to one of our shop setups.


Wire Storage

If you have multiple spools of wire in your shop, keep them organized with a rack. Our wire and hose rack is equipped with four removable steel zinc-plated dowels so you can fit multiple spools on it.


If you don’t need quite as much storage or just want to have your most frequently used wires on hand, our spool dispenser rack is a great option.


What makes this rack great is that it features holes in the base for easy mounting to bins, cabinets and more to maximize storage potential. It also has built-in ruler on the top of the rack to provide easy measurement of wire length.


Terminal Storage

Since terminals are so small, they are easy to be misplaced or mixed up. A drawer is your best bet to keep them all in one place and organized.


But if you want the ultimate storage solution that also includes terminals, a terminal drawer assortment is an ideal solution for you. Not only does it include a variety of terminals, but it has a drawer with a colored lid chart for quick identification of items, which reduces downtime.


If you have both terminals and wires you want to store, you can’t go wrong with a terminal and wire storage cabinet. This features a removable drawer with 20 holes for small parts or terminals and one larger compartment for tools. It also has six rods that can hold up to 24 wire spools.


On-the-Go Storage

If you are always on the go, consider a storage solution for your electrical parts that can easily be transported. Don’t waste time going back to the shop to get the parts you need or have forgotten. Save time and money by having a second inventory on hand and in service vehicles. Our five drawer rack is compact and features a locking hinge that holds boxes in place while being transported and can be locked with a standard padlock.


If you don’t have proper storage for your electrical equipment, it’s time to get organized. Contact your Kimball Midwest sales representative and they can help you find the storage solution that works best for you and your shop. If you don’t already have a rep, we can help you Find a Rep!

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