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This is it. You’ve made the big decision.

Your local Kimball Midwest sales representative has been servicing your MRO needs for a while now. Maybe it’s been a month, maybe a year, maybe longer. Your rep has been connecting you with more and more quality products that meet the needs of your shop.

You’ve decided to get the full Kimball Midwest Experience with a Materials Management System. In many cases, this will include new drawers, bins and other storage equipment, but your rep has worked with you to design the setup that will drive your business’ success. This frequently will involve a computer-aided design (CAD) drawing, especially if your setup will be large or complex.


If needed, your rep also might call on the expertise of his or her manager or one of Kimball Midwest’s key account executives to help get the right plan in place for your success.

Usually, getting your shop set up with an MMS will take hours – or even days – of work by your rep. Don’t worry: He or she will have whatever help is needed from other members of the Kimball Midwest team.

What can you expect when the big day arrives? Every conversion is unique – customized for your facility – but we can share some common features.

Of course, your rep will make sure everything needed is ordered in time to arrive for the big day. As the chosen conversion day dawns, you’ll likely have a decent number of boxes sitting in the corner of your shop, waiting for our team to work its magic.

That team, whether it’s your rep alone or – more often – your rep and one or a dozen (or more!) colleagues – will materialize at the chosen starting time ready to make the Kimball Midwest Experience happen. That time frequently is early in the morning to maximize the available time, so donuts and/or coffee to share often will make an appearance.

After briefing everyone involved on the plan, the conversion team will get started. Most of the time, the first step will be removing any storage equipment that is being replaced, getting it out of the way to make space for your Kimball Midwest solution.

If the equipment being replaced contains product that remains useful for you, our team will find it a new home in one of our bins or drawers later in the process. But if it’s obsolete or otherwise unsuitable for you to hang onto, your rep will talk with you about our obsolescence credit program (if you qualify).

Once the old stuff is out of the way, our team will be sure to clean the space as needed – at least a quick sweep for dust and stray parts – before getting the new storage equipment in place.

Next up is getting all the parts in place, whether it’s moving products you already had into the new equipment or getting new products settled in their proper locations. As we do this, of course we will ensure accurate labels are in place for everything so your rep can keep you properly stocked in the future.

If you have a large shop or multiple setups in your operation, it’s possible your conversion could take multiple days. In those instances, your rep will work with you to plan a process that will minimize disruption and build and organize everything the way you want it as quickly as we can.

This all might sound like a lot of work, and it is. But it’s also what we’re here for: providing you with superior products, services and product availability to effectively lower your total MRO costs.

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