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Be Prepared for Winter Disasters

Posted by Kimball Midwest on December 8, 2022

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You may have already started or completed winterization on your shop, but are you prepared for a winter disaster? Snowstorms, ice storms and harsh temperatures are all factors that could create downtime for your shop.

Winter conditions are unpredictable. Being prepared is of utmost importance to ensure your shop, employees and customers stay safe.

The collection of products below are some of the best products to face any winter conditions.

Kim-Kleats are the perfect addition to a winter emergency kit. They provide additional traction for footwear in ice or heavy snow, preventing injury from slipping. The stretchable rubberized construction provides fast installation and removal.

To make sure visibility is clear in your vehicle, Winter Wiper Blades have reinforced polymer construction that exceed original equipment strength specifications and have a rubber casing that prevents snow and ice build-up.

Aquapel® has a fluoropolymer formula that chemically bonds to glass unlike silicone-based products that wash/wear off in a few weeks. This treatment increases the contact angle of water, causing it to bead up and blow off the windshield for excellent visibility in bad weather. Applying this to your windshield also makes it easier to remove ice, snow, dirt and bugs.

If you know a storm is on its way, Liquid Ice Melt is a pre-treatment to prevent the bonding of snow and ice to pavement and make mechanical cleaning more efficient.

HeatLoc Gloves sandwich four layers of dense fibered polyester between a tough outer shell and a soft inner lining. They are designed for superior comfort in cold weather and cold temperature applications.

Heavy Duty Booster Cables are ideal for heavy duty equipment and off-road construction applications where conditions might be worse. These cables are packaged in a reusable, water-tight container with convenient carrying handle to make it easier to take with you to those off-road areas.

Kimball Midwest makes sure to provide products to help you face any winter disaster, in addition to the ones listed above. If you haven’t read our blog to help you winterize your shop, be sure to check out the products highlighted there.

If you are ready to winterize your shop and prepare for winter disasters, reach out to your sales representative to see what products would best fit your needs. If you do not have a rep, we can help you Find a Rep.

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