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Posted by Kimball Midwest on February 22, 2024

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Kimball Midwest is proud to offer bundles, which are groupings of products orderable together using one part number for one price. They provide a great value on a variety our high-quality products!


Here are a few bundles that have been popular recently among Kimball Midwest customers:


Automotive: Tire Repair Bundle


Stay on the road with this complete tire repair bundle, including the appropriate valves, patches and tools needed to keep vehicles and equipment in service.


Electrical: Pro-Tech™ Nytrex Heat Shrink Terminals with Primary Wire Large Bundle


This package offers a comprehensive three-drawer offering of our top-of-the-line Pro-Tech™ Nytrex Terminals, featuring faster shrink time, superior abrasion resistance and increased durability. The SXL Cross-Link Wire in 16 through 12 gauge offers heat and abrasion resistance with superior conductivity.


Fluid Flow: Kimposite DOT Tubing and Fittings Bundle


This package offers a complete four-drawer offering of our Kimposite Air Brake Fittings. These fittings offer an easy-to-apply, push-to-connect solution that's lighter weight. Additionally, the DOT Air Brake tubing offers coverage of 1/4” - 1/2” tubing.


Shop Supplies: Standard Duty Paper Towel Dispenser Bundle


This package offers 12 rolls of our two-ply paper towels and a dispenser. These towels are economical, highly absorbent and sanitary, and the dispenser has a high capacity.


Your Kimball Midwest sales representative is always happy to help you find the right products, including bundles, from among our more than 55,000 offerings. If you don’t already have one, we can help you Find a Rep!

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