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Posted by Kimball Midwest on August 26, 2021

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Is your parts room … unorganized? Let’s be clear. Is it a disaster? Having trouble finding parts and tools? What about your work bench?

Are you the kind of person that “knows where it is,” but then spends 20 minutes looking for an item that was “right here a second ago?”

We can help. And we’re not just saying that. A lot of companies say they can help; we really can. We can help you get organized and stay organized, but, most importantly, with our state-of-the-art FloorPlanner, we can help you visualize what your parts room, tools areas and work bench will look like once we are done.

The important part to remember as you look out on your workshop that sits in disarray is that you don’t have to work this way.

It can be better. And we can get you there.

Recently, a member of our sales force shared a few examples of how he’s been able to use our FloorPlanner to help customers see the difference we can make for them.

“In reality, it’s what differentiates us. No one else is using this,” Jon said. “Having a quote is great, but it just doesn’t do the layout justice.

“We are experts in organization. The customer might have parts scattered throughout a big shop or warehouse. There might be a need for that. But we will help them find the best way to be organized. That’s our job. Then it’s the rep’s job after that to make sure they stay that way.”

We call that the Kimball Midwest Experience.

Jon spoke about several accounts he’s helped to visualize the change we can help them make and said the wow factor is what makes it work.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, FloorPlanner will help you see where you can store 1,000 parts – and much more.

“It’s so nice to be all-inclusive with this tool,” Jon said. “We can show the shop manager ‘this is your room. These are your things. This is where they go. This is what we will do for you.’”

Jon said after the survey, a shop manager can expect to see a CAD drawing from FloorPlanner within a week or two.

Measurements and a full survey of the shop are taken. So, when the presentation is made, we can give you all the information possible to make an informed choice, and you can see what your shop can be when you go with the best.

“We have people that are in awe,” Jon said. “There is a wow factor. In one case, a manager was so flabbergasted, he told us ‘you didn’t have to do all this for me.’”

But that’s what we do at Kimball Midwest. So, if you want a reimagining of your shop and want to see what Kimball Midwest can do for you, all you need to do is Find a Rep!
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