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Keeping Cutting Tools Where They Belong

Posted by Kimball Midwest on August 31, 2023

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In many shops, cutting tools occupy an important part in the process of getting the job done. But these vital tools can’t do what they’re designed to do if you can’t find the ones you need when you need them.


That’s where cutting tool organization and storage comes into play.


Do you have partially used bits in a cigar box, coffee can, toolbox or drawer? The right equipment, kits and cases work to give such things a home and keep them easy to find, allowing your team to get back to work rather than waste time searching or – even worse – dropping everything to go make an emergency purchase.


Regardless of your organizational needs, Kimball Midwest has something for you. We carry cabinets and drawers that offer a variety of storage space, and are guaranteed to protect your drills, taps, and dies while keeping them organized. You can also choose from our selection of drill indexes, which come in different styles and have indexed panels for easy identification.


The easiest way to keep your bits organized is to buy them as a unit with an included index, but we also offer a selection of empty indexes and drawers to organize what you already have and keep them organized in the future.


For a limited time, we also have three options of limited-edition indexes celebrating Kimball Midwest’s centennial. Each of them offer 29 pieces from 1/16 to ½ by 64th, and they’re available in Super Primalloy, Super Primalloy Ultra Step and Cryo-Gen “N.”


Our drill indexes will keep your bits organized, but we also offer other options, such as our Master Set indexes that provide a wider scale of products for a cabinet.


For example, our Super Primalloy+ Taper, Plug & Bottom Tap Set offers organization for taps, dies and drill sets and comes with 90 quality pieces.


Another option is the 157 Pc. Super Primalloy Cryo-Gen “N” Master Set, which is our largest drill index. It covers metric, letter and number drill bits all in one, so you don’t need to keep track of multiple indexes.


There are many cutting tool storage options, and it can take an expert eye to determine the right choices for your operation. That’s where your Kimball Midwest sales representative comes in, meeting with you and using a deep understanding of your needs to connect you with the right organizational strategies to keep your team working safely and efficiently.


Reach out to your sales representative today to make sure you have the cutting tools and related storage you need. If you don't have one, we'd be honored to help you Find a Rep.

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