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Organizing Made Easy

Posted by Kimball Midwest on January 23, 2020

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So you need to get organized. You have looked around your shop and see boxes everywhere. You know if you put your hand in the containers where you keep your nuts and bolts, you may come out with three or four different sizes. Maybe more.

You know there are times you spend 30 minutes looking for a specific part you know you just picked up an hour ago at the store, and now it got moved or you can’t remember where you put it, or it just got up and walked away.

So how do you get started?

With us, of course. Request a free shop survey from Kimball Midwest, and our reps will be happy to come out and see what they can do to help.

During the survey, our experts will gather information about your operation and work with you to develop a custom solution that will save you time and money. They work to understand your business – and your ideal result – and tailor their recommendations to your specific needs.

That’s right, we take into account what you already have and work with what it is you need to make sure that when it’s all said and done, you have the shop you want.

Of course, we will have our recommendations, but we will always do it the way you want because your shop is just that. It’s yours. We have bins, drawers, cabinets and specialty items to make sure everything has its place. Want to see what it looks like to have your own dedicated Kimball Midwest crew come in and work our magic? Watch below to see for yourself.

But we never end there. Once you are happy with your layout, our reps keep you stocked with parts – we offer smaller size packages so we don’t overstock you like some do – and make sure you have what you need on hand. It’s the Kimball Midwest way. Our reps show up to make sure you have what you need, too. When packages get delivered, they put your stock away and order what you’ll need next so your shop can keep running effectively.

But organization is a team effort. While our reps are happy to put items away and keep you organized, their time, like yours, is a valuable commodity. While they’ll be there as often is as necessary, they can’t be there every day.

So here are a few tips to keep yourself organized on a day-to-day basis.
  • Take a moment in the moment. While it isn’t scientific, it seems each moment you spend putting things away properly as you work will give you back double that when you are looking for a part later.
  • Take a moment at the end of the day. Before you leave for the night, assign yourself five minutes to go over everything and make sure it’s all in its place. You may even be able to set up the next day’s start with the parts and tools you need on the bench.
  • Plan, then go to work. Oftentimes, it really only takes two minutes to plan things out. See the job, predict what you will need, then go and grab it before you walk back and forth to your bins five times for different parts and pieces.
  • Make organization a way of life. If you have a team of workers, instill in them that organization needs to be part of the plan and hold them accountable. “Bill, did you put that in the right bin? Can you please?” Putting things back in their place is everyone’s responsibility. No one’s parent is there to put their toys away for them anymore.
Following these simple steps will have you going in the right direction. But we can get you where you want to go.

Allow us to show you how we can help you create an efficient, cost-effective plan for maintaining your inventory of maintenance and repair products. Organization is just a click away, so let us help you Find A Rep
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