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Don’t Forget These Electrical Essentials

Posted by Kimball Midwest on March 16, 2023

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When you’re thinking of electrical products for your shop, understandably your mind probably goes directly to things like wires, connectors and fuses.

Today, we want to highlight a few electrical-related products that might not have such a high profile, but still are useful in many operations.

Tapes and Sealing Compounds

Weatherflex 10 Electrical Tape

The 8.5 mil thickness gives this tape fast insulation build-up, as well as increased reliability and insulating capability. Its superior adhesive bond strength prevents unraveling in all weather conditions.

Premium Electrical Tape

This tape is flame retardant, self-extinguishing, conformable and durable. It resists abrasion, moisture, solvents, oils and many acids.

Kim-Wrap Sil/Fuse Self-Fusing Silicone Tape Standard Colors Set

This tape fuses together rapidly when applied under tension, providing a solid, continuous seal. Its silicone construction resists high temperatures, and it provides superior insulating and sealing.

Color Coded Electrical Tape Assortment

This tape provides 9,450-volt dielectric strength per layer. It is ideal for color coding, sealing, splicing, wrapping and identification.

Electro-Seal 430 Sealing Compound

This compound permanently seals, waterproofs and insulates connections. It will conform easily to any shape or contour and will adhere to itself, as well as all cable insulations and metals, to form a positive, water-tight seal.

Auto-Electric Sealing Compound

This compound replaces tape for moisture-proof connections. It provides a tight seal around connections, and the backing provides additional protection against moisture, abrasion, vibration and road grime.

Electrical Chemicals

Battery Terminal Protector

This product seals battery surfaces and connections to prevent corrosion. Its special formulation protects battery terminals and ensures maximum battery performance. It also decreases volt drainage to help maintain maximum performance and life.

Battery Cleaner with Acid Detector

This product removes grease, corrosion and dirt from battery surfaces and surrounding areas. The highly sensitive detector turns red when it contacts battery acid and can be used to locate leaks and cracks in battery cases and around posts.

Dielectric Grease

This pressure system reduces waste and provides precise fingertip control. The grease insulates, lubricates and protects electrical systems and connections while preventing corrosion on trailer plugs, lighting sockets and other electrical connections.

If you need help deciding which of these products are right for your shop, ask your Kimball Midwest sales representative today. If you don't have one, we'd love to help you Find a Rep.

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