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Make the Right Connection With Our Electrical Assortments

Posted by Kimball Midwest on July 15, 2021

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When it comes to electrical connections, only the best will do.

There’s simply no use in having a connector that will allow wires to slip out from the terminals, creating a problem down the line.

At Kimball Midwest, we have more than a few solutions to help make sure your connections are strong, secure and long lasting.

But fear not when it comes to making a big commitment. While we sell what some would consider large assortments with many connectors, we also sell smaller ones, so you can test and see what you like on your own. These smaller kits contain about 40 connectors in a hand-held container to keep you organized. And if you like what you see, or want to try something else, we can help you out!

Here are just a few great options we offer at Kimball Midwest:

Pro-Tech Nytrex Terminals

  • Heat-shrink tubing and Techni-Crimp terminals are available in one convenient, ready-to-use product that seals easily with just a lighter, heat gun, etc.
  • The Therma-Flow sealant locks out corrosion and provides strain relief to prevent wire pull-out.
  • The color-coded clear tubing allows visual inspection of the wire and terminal.
  • Terminals are available with our original super-tough nylon heat shrink or our fast-shrink Nytrex tubing.

Nytrex Window Connectors

  • Super tough, fast-shrinking Nytrex securely seals the connector, installing easily with a lighter, torch or heat gun.
  • The built-in inspection window provides a visual check that the ideal connection has been achieved, and a wire-stop prevents over insertion.
  • The Therma-Flow sealant provides strain relief to prevent wire pull-out and a second seal that bonds the tubing to the wire insulation.

Nylon Insulated Solderless Terminals

  • Wires insert smoothly without hang-up into special, funnel-shaped barrels for easy installation, making for fast work.
  • Insulock grip sleeves built into the terminal barrel allow a second crimp that locks the barrel onto the wire insulation to prevent pull-out failures.
  • Enduralon Nylon Insulation offers outstanding durability, temperature resistance (-40°F to 250°F continuous; up to 350°F intermittent) and dielectric strength.
  • Ring, hook and spade terminals are rated 600-volts.


Pro-Tech Commercial Grade Terminals

  • Terminals positively seal the connection to eliminate corrosion-related equipment failure and costly equipment downtime.
  • Heat-shrink tubing and Techni-Crimp terminals come together in one convenient, ready-to-use product. Therma-Flow sealant melts easily during installation, sealing openings and locking out corrosion.
  • Versatile 3M™ Polyolefin is built into the heat-shrink tubing, making it ideal for use in a wide range of applications.
  • Pro-Tech Terminals are a cost-effective alternative in applications where the increased durability of our Nytrex and Nylon connectors is not required.

Vinyl Insulated Solderless Terminals

  • Wires insert smoothly without hang-up into special, funnel-shaped barrels for easy installation, making for fast work.
  • Pure electrolytic copper construction of all contact areas assures maximum conductivity.
  • "V" groove crimp barrels provide maximum crimp holding power for superior reliability – easily attaches to wire with one quick crimp.
  • Operating temperature range is -40°F to 194°F continuous.

Maxi-Link Heat Shrink Assortment

  • This unique connector allows extremely reliable step-down connection, or connection of more than two wires using a special internal splice connector.
  • Unlike conventional multi-wire connectors, Maxi-Link has a wall that varies on the inside and outside – large and small sides have the same wall thickness so both sides are easy to crimp and make very reliable connections.
  • Conventional 2:1 or 3:1 heat shrink often cannot properly shrink around the small connector side, but this 4:1 connector can.
  • Hi-Flow inner-wall sealant flows in between multiple wires to create a complete seal.

SolderConn Self-Soldering Terminals

  • In one step, the connection is soldered, completely insulated and sealed against corrosion.
  • The durability of Therma-Flow sealant melts on installation to seal openings.
  • Long-term strain and vibration resistance supported by the 2,200 psi soldered tensile strength. Pullout strength exceeds 150 lbs. per terminal.
  • Temperature range is -65°F to 275°F and has a dielectric strength of 15,000 volts.

Ultra-Link Crimp and Solder Terminal

  • Exceptional quality, as this brazed-seam crimp connector provides the most secure mechanical connection.
  • Pre-fluxed, low-temperature solder gives superior current flow and the highest tensile strength connections.
  • The clear shrink tubing allows visual inspection of the connection and provides outstanding insulation.
  • Therma-Flow sealant melts during installation, sealing openings and locking out corrosion.
  • Crimped, soldered and sealed connections meet or exceed the toughest OEM requirements with a rating of 600 volts and 105⁰C.

Sta-Kon Nylon Terminals

  • Electro-tin plated copper with a bronze insulation grip sleeve – features a serrated inner barrel with funnel entry and hardened tongue.
  • Easy positive identification of wire and stud size on the tongue.

Non-Insulated Terminals

  • Premium electrolytic copper construction provides the highest conductivity.
  • One-piece design gives greater strength and uniform current flow.
  • Easy identification with the wire range clearly stamped on the terminals.
  • Full barrel length eliminates lost time finding a critical crimping location.
So, no matter what kind of connection you are looking for, we can help you find it. All you need to do is Find a Rep!
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