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Posted by Kimball Midwest on August 5, 2021

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Kimball Midwest believes in the American workforce. But we put our money where our mouth is.

Did you know that 80% of our inventory spend goes to products made in the USA?

We have some great American-made products we like to brag about, but we can tell you anything we want about them. What might be more important is what others think about them.

So, we looked at the numbers to see which of our American-made products that are most often bought by companies big and small, right here in the USA.

It’s no surprise to us that our best-selling product is our Ultra Pro•Max paints. Gloss Black, Gloss White, Flat Black and Semi-Gloss Black are our most popular colors with New Equipment Yellow and Gloss Red high on the list.

There are a few reasons why this paint is so good. The first is that it contains a high amount of solids, meaning there is more paint in the can. The 16 ounce can does the job of two to three typical cans of spray point, meaning fewer cans in the landfill. It also has less solvents and propellants than the typical can of paint, meaning it is better for you, your crew and the earth. Plus, Ultra Pro•Max contains no methylene chloride, which recent research indicates may be a cancer-causing agent. 

Torq “CB” is one of our best-selling products ever. Why? Because it works!

Our “Corrosion Blasting” formula quickly cuts through tough build-ups of grease, grime and contaminants that stop other penetrants, freeing frozen and corroded mating parts. The formula reduces friction to prevent wear and extend service life and inhibits corrosion to prevent rust and oxidation damage.

Torq “CB” is ideal for all routine maintenance applications and is especially suited to problem areas that exist due to oxidation and corrosion caused by exposure to harsh conditions.

Speaking of products that work, our Super Primalloy drill bits are the cream of the crop. We think they are simply the best drill bits on the market.

The super heavy duty 135° split point eliminates the need for center punching, and the three flats on the shank prevent the bit from slipping in the drill. We make them in maintenance length, which increases rigidity, strength and breakage resistance.

The premium "M" series alloy provides exceptional wear resistance and longer life. And the expanded web design provides superior strength and extended tool life.

Another of our best sellers is our line of DOT Push-to-Connect fittings.

With these quick-connect fittings, simply push the tubing in, and the fitting makes the connection for you without any tools or loose parts to handle in tight places.

The full flow design provides up to 60% more flow area than conventional fittings with internal tube supports, and the elbows and tees are brass construction.

Believe it or not, nylon cable ties also make the list. These versatile little miracles can help hold items together or mark wires while disassembling and reassembling equipment.

The nylon 6/6 construction makes the cable ties lightweight and high strength, plus they have a wide temperature operating range. The one-piece molded design provides maximum durability, and the bent-tip, tapered tails make for easy insertion and fast bundling.

They are available in tons of colors including natural white and U.V. stabilized black for long life exposed to weather and sunlight.

Introduced in 2019, our KM-USA High Head Grade 8 Cap Screws and fastening systems are also best sellers.

Made with special high-strength chrome alloy steel, these fastening systems are 100% made in the USA from raw material melted and rolled right here. We offer 100% lot traceability back to the raw material. The 20% higher head provides increased wrenchability, and the 30° head point provides easier alignment in a threaded hole or with a hex nut. The roll formed threads with a 60° flank angle provide superior fatigue resistance.

If you need a quick-drying cleaner, we have you covered there, too. Our Fast Dry Multi-Purpose Solvent is a non-chlorinated solvent formulated for maximum performance combined with very fast drying. It outperforms conventional chlorinated cleaning solvents, and its fast-drying formula allows parts and equipment to be put back in service quicker, reducing expensive downtime.

The powerful formula removes grease, oil and other contaminants on contact, and leaves no residue. For use on metallic and non-metallic surfaces and safe for use on most plastics. It’s rated C1 for food processing facilities.

If you need hydraulics, we have you covered there too, with our Kim-Krimp Hose Fittings.

Kim-Krimp fittings are general purpose medium and high-pressure hydraulic fittings that can be used in Coll-O-Crimp® Equipment: K245, K425, H245 and H425 hoses.

The selection of hose and end configurations allows for a diverse number of applications. These fittings are an ideal series to help introduce hydraulics. Kim-Krimp are crimpable in Weatherhead Coll-O-Crimp® equipment.

If electrical is your thing, we’ve got that in our top selling products with our Pro-Tech Nytrex Heat Shrink Terminal line.

Pro-Tech Nytrex combines heat shrink tubing and Techni-Crimp terminals in one convenient, ready-to-use product. The Therma-Flow sealant locks out corrosion and provides strain relief to prevent wire pull-out.

The color-coded clear tubing allows visual inspection of the wire and terminal and seals easily with just a lighter, heat gun, etc. They are also available with our original super-tough Nylon Heat Shrink or our Fast-Shrink Nytrex tubing.

So, whether you are looking for any of the above American-made products or any of the other products we have in our inventory of 51,000 different items, we can help you Find a Rep!
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