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The Best New Products of 2022

Posted by Kimball Midwest on November 3, 2022

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At Kimball Midwest, we continuously seek the very best new products for our lineup.

In a typical year, we’ll add hundreds of new products to our line. These additions from our Product Line team must meet a series of stringent criteria before they are introduced, ensuring they are value-added items designed to provide better performance.

This year has been no exception, and as we near the end of 2022, we’ve gathered 10 of our most successful new products of the year for you. Surely at least one of them is right for your shop!


Pro•Clean 2 Heavy-Duty Wipes Pop-Up Box

These Double Re-Creped (DRC) wipes have a soft outer layer with a highly absorbent inner layer that easily absorbs a variety of liquids, including solvents, oils and other lubricants, without breaking down.

They feature 33% thicker construction than conventional DRC wipes for increased tear resistance and liquid absorption. The sturdy dispensing carton protects wipes in the shop or field and is easy to use without the need to purchase an additional dispensing unit.


2-Piece Ratcheting Screwdriver Set

These 36-tooth ball-grip screwdrivers provide high speed tightening or removal for a one-handed operation. The handles allow for maximum torque to be applied without slipping, and the cushioned thermoplastic rubber provides comfort and reduces user fatigue.

The magnetic tips hold fasteners for quick, easy installation, and the set includes both Phillips No. 2 and slotted 1/4" screwdrivers.


29pc Super Primalloy Ultra Step Drill Bit Set

Many Kimball Midwest customers already know about the amazing performance of our Super Primalloy Drill Bits, but we now offer a 29-piece set of step drill bits.

These step drill bits provide superior performance, with reduced risk of damage to the bit while enlarging holes. The micro-center stepped drill point eliminates the need for center punching or pilot holes, and the tip geometry helps reduce heat buildup for long-lasting sharpness.


Quantum Pro LED Tactical Flashlight

This extreme tactical flashlight provides up to 1,000 lumens of output. Its anodized aluminum body is sealed for an IP68 rating, making it dust-tight and suitable for continuous immersion in more than three feet of water.

The compact size and included belt clip make this flashlight convenient to carry, and the end-cap switch turns the light on or off with a single click. Depressing the side button cycles the brightness modes through Eco, Low, Medium and High. Holding the side button for two seconds activates strobe.


ChalkShot Chalk Marking Pen

This pen fires a highly visible chalk mark onto most surfaces to quickly mark hole location or fixture mounting. Press the nozzle of the ChalkShot firmly into the guide hole to mark. It marks through holes in materials up to 2” thick, and it works when standard or extended tip markers won't fit through the material to mark mounting hole locations.

The hi-vis mark is easily removable to prevent unwanted marks after installation or to re-mark a hole that has been moved. It works on almost all materials and is ideal for stucco, tile, brick, wood, steel and painted surfaces, even if they’re dirty, rusty or greasy.


Flexible Magnetic Tool Mat

This ultra-flexible design will fold, bend or roll for use on curved and angled surfaces or in toolboxes. It folds down to a quarter of its size for use in tight spaces.

Sixteen magnets hold the mat and contents securely to any ferrous surface, helping prevent small parts, fasteners and tools from being lost or misplaced. Non-marring, thermoplastic rubber construction provides improved chemical resistance for long service life and will not scratch or dent surfaces.


Quick Change 5-In-1 Pneumatic Tool

This powerful pneumatic ½ horsepower motor provides increased power for superior action and faster job completion.

The tool body accepts five quick change tools: a 3/8” air drill, a 3/8” drive ratchet, a ¼” die grinder, a ¼” 90° die grinder and a 3” angle grinder. The tools are housed in a durable, blow-molded case that provides safe storage and easy portability.

It includes a 1/8” collet adapter for use with 1/8” shank burs and accessories.


Abrasive Pad Scraper and Pads

The scraper’s angled head allows for a comfortable hold and reduced hand fatigue while in use. The abrasive pad wraps around the head of the tool, providing support in hard-to-reach areas.

Abrasive pads with hook and loop backing quickly attach to the tool for fast and easy replacement, and the rigid tool design provides support to the pad for effective surface conditioning and scraping.


Ultra-Clear Glass Cleaning Towels

These towels remove dust, dirt, oil, grease smudges, water spots, fingerprints and smoke film, leaving behind no rainbow or film. They’re safe for use on virtually all glass surfaces, including tinted windows and plexiglass.

The compact container can be stored in vehicles or toolboxes – anywhere the wipes are needed.


Crimson-Fire Mini Flex Flap Discs

The extended flaps and flexible flap configuration provide versatility. Apply high pressure for rapid stock removal, or apply low pressure for blending and surface finishing. The extended flap length is ideal for smoothly grinding 90° fillet welds.

The engineered crystalline structure is ideal for quickly and effectively grinding and finishing tough alloys, and the aggressive grain provides fast stock removal that outperforms aluminum oxide and zirconia in difficult grinding applications.


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