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Get the Band Saw Blade That’s Right for You

Posted by Kimball Midwest on September 30, 2021

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Kimball Midwest offers great band saw blades that meet most everyone’s needs. But sometimes, nothing but a custom solution will do.

Fortunately, we have a new program through our Non-Stock Department that complements the band saw blades already offered in the Kimball Midwest catalog. Best of all, these blades are made in the USA.

Here’s a look at the four band saw product lines you can order through this program:

Cobalt-MaxxAll Purpose

This blade is designed for all-purpose applications on carbon and structural steels. The bi-metal construction resists high heat and wear for long service life.

The program offers 12 blades in this line, ranging from ½” to 1” in width and variable pitch or positive rake tooth types.

Cobalt-Maxx™ Production

This blade features bi-metal construction with a high-fatigue steel backer, making it ideal for production applications on carbon steels, structural steels, alloy steels and aluminum. It is designed for superior wear, heat and shock resistance.

The Cobalt-Maxx™ Production is ¾” in width with a variable pitch tooth type.

Eliminator Hard Back

This blade is ideal for use with wood mills, scragg mills and single- or multi-head resaw systems. The hard back makes straighter cuts, and the teeth can be resharpened for longer life. The Eliminator Hard Back also has a low cost per blade.

Choose from five blades in this line, ranging from ½” to 1” in width and hook, raker or wavy tooth types.

Eliminator Flex Back

This blade has the same features of the hard back, except it has a flex back designed to be fatigue resistant. Five blades are offered in this line, ranging from ½” to 1” in width with either a hook or raker tooth type.

Interested in any of these custom band saw blade options? They are made-to-order to the specific length that meets your needs. You’ll be pleased to know same-day shipping is available if orders are placed before 1 p.m. Eastern Time. To order, all you need to do is Find a Rep!

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