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Posted by Kimball Midwest on July 7, 2022

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Need a one-stop shop for all your hydraulic needs? Kimball Midwest has you covered. We now offer a more complete crimping system under Kimball Midwest’s brand of hydraulic products from the hose saws to the hose, right down to the fittings being crimped. We also offer a wide selection of hydraulic couplers and adapters to meet ever-changing needs.

With the superior quality and variety of options paired with your Kimball Midwest sales rep’s extensive knowledge of our systems, a complete crimping system will help you get the job done.

Hose Saws

Our hose saws offer various features that provide clean cuts and bending pins to assist in cutting. They are available with 10” and 12” cutting blades in one- or three-phase power.

Take the 10” K-Series Hose Saw for example. This hose saw has a powerful motor for cutting even on large diameter hoses. It’s equipped with adjustable bending pins to prevent the blade from bending for cleaner cuts with less debris and no burnt rubber odor that’s often created with conventional saws.

Need a saw for four-spiral or larger diameter two-wire hydraulic hose? Check out the 12” K-Series Hose Saw – 3 Phase Motor. The powerful motor, serrated blade and hose bending pins provide a clean cut through multi-spiral and wire braid hose.

Crimping Machines

Finding the perfect crimping machine might seem daunting. We make it easy by providing three K-Series crimpers, each with different pump types to best fit your needs for on-the-go portability or stationary options.

The K100 K-Series Hydraulic Portable Crimper with Hand Pump is a portable option with an easy-to-grab handle so the machine can be carried wherever service is needed. It offers 35 tons of crimping force available with a hand pump or air/hydraulic pump.

The K300 K-Series Hydraulic Crimper with Air/Hydraulic Pump can be placed on a bench or mounted to a truck bed. It offers 62 tons of crimping force available with an air/hydraulic, 110V or 220V pump.

The K500 K-Series Hydraulic Crimper with 110 Volt Pump can also be placed on a bench or mounted to a truck. It offers the most power at 80 tons of crimping force available with a 110V or 220V pump.

Kim-Krimp Fittings

Using the correct fittings is essential to make sure your equipment is running correctly and safely. Kim-Krimp fittings come in both compression and bite to wire series. We offer a variety of styles such as JIC, Flat Face O-Ring, and many more such as hard-to-find styles like British standard pipe or Japanese industrial standard.

Hydraulic Hose

Kimball Midwest provides a variety of hose options for your specific needs. We stock the most popular styles and hose diameters with access to many more through our special-order sourcing department. Be sure to talk to your rep about using our hydraulic hoses with other popular brand equipment for correct sizing and safety procedures.

Our more complete line of crimping systems allows you to get the job done in the most proficient manner to ensure you’ve got what you need when you need it. In addition to our crimping systems, don’t forget about our full line of hydraulic adapters and couplers.

If you are looking to expand your business with a full crimping system or to replace old hydraulic parts with new, reach out to your rep today for more information. Kimball Midwest is your one-stop shop from front to back in a hydraulic system, including cutting hose, fitting and assembling.

Just getting started with Kimball Midwest? We can help you Find a Rep today and get you set up with a complete crimping system.

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