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Kimball Midwest: American-Made

Posted by Kimball Midwest on June 30, 2022

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To claim a product is Made in the USA, the Federal Trade Commission requires “all or virtually all” of a product be made in America. Specifically, “all significant parts, processing, and labor that go into the product must be of U.S. origin.”

Kimball Midwest is an American company, and not simply because of our location. It runs deeper than that. Our focus on the American worker and domestic products is very real. As a proud American company, we are aware the American workforce is the backbone of our economy.

One of the many ways Kimball Midwest keeps its commitment to quality is a consistent focus on American-made goods. If you browse kimballmidwest.com or our catalog, you’ll see a lot of items that are made in America. That’s because 80% of our inventory spend goes to American-made products.

We could share stories of our products being made in countless facilities around the nation.

One such place is the plant where our Super Primalloy drill bits are crafted. These top-of-the-line cutting tools are made from high-speed steel and chopped, checked, machined and finished by more than 200 machinists working 24/7.

It’s a dirty job, and these American workers do it for you. For a behind-the-scenes look at this manufacturing process, check out this video:

Our team of professional sales representatives also is committed to helping you get what you need to keep America working. We are proud to count many federal, state and local government agencies and military facilities among our customers.

One such customer is an Ohio school bus garage that depends on Kimball Midwest products to help its drivers safely transport more than 10,000 students every school day. From chemicals to paints to electrical parts and much more, this district’s team is dedicated to using American-made products whenever possible:

The Kimball Midwest team is committed to the thousands of American businesses we support every month. From your sales rep to the dedicated distribution center and support teams standing with them, you can rely on us:

If you don't have a Kimball Midwest sales rep bringing your shop quality, dependability, traceability and pride, we'd love to help you Find a Rep.

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