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Posted by Kimball Midwest on October 19, 2023

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When it comes to your shop, you know it is important that your workspace is efficient. However, you know it can get hectic and cutting tools can easily get scattered or misplaced. When there is work to be done, you don’t want to waste time looking for the exact tool you need.


Proper organization of your cutting tools is key. When everything is organized, you not only save time since you can easily find what you need, but you also reduce your chance of using the wrong tool and potentially ruining it.


Kimball Midwest can help you keep your cutting tools organized with our various assortments. Assortments consist of a group of products that are commonly used together and combined in a single drawer or other piece of storage equipment.


Assortments are designed to keep your shop organized and save you time. Each assortment comes with a label on the outside and a lid chart that indicates what products are in the assortment and where to find them.


Here are some assortments that Kimball Midwest offers that can help you keep your cutting tools together.


Compact Reciprocating Air Saw and Cobalt-Maxx™ Air Saw Blade Assortment

This assortment not only gives you a compact reciprocating air saw but several blades, as well. The air saw is compact and can operate in tight spaces other cutting tools can’t reach. Additionally, the construction of the blades provides increased resistance to heat and wear for long service life. The blades’ optimizing tooth configuration also provide fast cutting for a wide range of applications.


Eliminator Hacksaw & Reciprocating Saw Blade Assortment

If you use hacksaw blades and reciprocating blades, you can keep them all together with this one assortment. It features six different reciprocating blades and two hacksaw blades. Both types are shatterproof, bi-metal blades.


Reciprocating Saw Blades Master Assortment

If you use multiple sizes of saw blades, this assortment is a great option for your shop. This 15-piece assortment gives you seven different blades in one drawer. The blades feature a shock resistant edge that resists tooth stripping. They also have a shatterproof design for maximum user safety.


Super Primalloy® Shank Drill Set

This drill set features a high performance 118° bite point configuration to give you fast penetration. The heavy-duty design and self-centering split point also provides faster, easier drilling and eliminates center-punching.


Tap Assortments

If your shop often uses taps, keep them organized and one place with Kimball Midwest tap assortments.


Super Primalloy® Taper Tap Assortment

Super Primalloy® Plug Tap Assortment

Super Primalloy® Bottom Tap Assortment


Each one of these assortments are 12 pieces and are all made in the USA to meet our specifications. The taps are made of high-speed steel and are heat treated and tempered for longer tool life. Additionally, the threads are polished by hand.


Kimball Midwest also offers a Super Primalloy® Tap Assortment that is 36 pieces and contains all the pieces of the assortments above.


If you are interested in assortments and keeping your workspace organized, your Kimball Midwest sales representative can help. They can help you decide which assortment will best work for you and your cutting tool needs. If you don’t already have a rep, we can help you Find a Rep!

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