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Amazing Cutting Tools You Don’t Want to Miss

Posted by Kimball Midwest on September 16, 2021

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If you’re like many Kimball Midwest customers, your operation has a lot of cutting tools. Whether they’re drill bits, step reamers, extractors, burs, hole saws or one of our other superior-quality cutting tools, you count on them to get the job done time and again. Their performance enables your performance.

That’s why you depend on quality products like the ones you can get through your local Kimball Midwest sales representative. Here are a few you might like to consider:

Super Primalloy Ultra Step Drill Bits

Our Super Primalloy Ultra Step Drill Bits feature a micro-center stepped drill point, eliminating the need for center punching or pilot holes. Their advanced tip geometry reduces heat buildup, which helps the cutting edges stay sharp.

They provide a clean, burr-free cut in both soft and hard metal, and their superior performance reduces the risk of damage while enlarging holes. Their reduced length provides increased strength, and three flats on the shank eliminate chuck slippage.


Invader 2 Drill Bits

Our Invader 2 Drill Bits can handle almost any material, including metal, masonry, plastic, wood, fiberglass, marble, tile and more. In fact, they’re ideal for drilling through layers of different materials.

For example, these bits can drill through metal supports and into concrete in one operation, making it easier to install concrete anchors. It’s also extremely fast in masonry and cuts through rebar embedded in concrete.


Frame Drills

The Roto-Kut™ 2" D.O.C. Magnetic Base Drill and Roto-Kut™ 2 Mag-Base Frame Drill give you safe, convenient power to cut through truck frames, thicker steel and other metals. Both feature a secure magnetic base for safety and a variety of features for maximum versatility.

The larger drill delivers variable speed, a reversable motor, an integrated cutting fluid reservoir and CutSmart technology for optimal feed pressure, maximizing drill life and cutting speed.


Step Reamers

Our Step Reamers are quick and accurate, enlarging holes in material up to ½” thick. Each one has five steps in 1/16” increments for accurate hole enlargement. They have three flats on the shank to help eliminate spinning or slipping in the chuck, and the chamfer on the next step deburrs the edge of each hole.


Power Tap 3

Our Power Tap 3 sets furnish a drill and tap combination design, allowing you to do both in one efficient operation. They cut up to two times faster and last three times longer than conventional drill taps, and a 118-degree split point drill tip provides more aggressive cutting through a wide range of steel alloys while ensuring precise hole positioning.

The lead threads are tapered, allowing a smoother transition between drilling and tapping, and the superior threads guarantee the proper size hole is drilled, providing ideal thread formation and superior thread strength.

Black Maxx Burs

Our most aggressive, smoothest running burs, Black Maxx Burs have an advanced design for extreme stock removal with smoother performance and reduced vibration. Their black titanium aluminum nitride coating offers superior heat dissipation while providing long service life.

These burs are ideal for rapid stock removal on conventional mild steel and stainless steel. They’re up to 35% faster than conventional burs on steel and up to six times faster than conventional burs on stainless steel. Faster stock removal means quicker job completion, so equipment can be placed back into operation sooner.


Cryo-Gen CM Reciprocating Saw Blades

Our Unique Cryo-Gen™ Cobalt-Maxx™ tooth design and extended heat-treating process yields a dramatically faster, longer lasting cutting blade. A 90-hour cryogenic treatment process cycles the blades down to -300°F for enhanced durability in demanding high heat and stress applications.

The 8% cobalt cutting teeth provide increased resistance to heat and wear for long service life, and a shock-resistant edge withstands tooth stripping. The bi-metal construction bonds a super-tough, flexible backing to the edge for the most durable blade possible, and the shatterproof design provides maximum user safety.


If any of these products sound like they could help you keep America working, we’d be happy to help you Find a Rep!

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