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Cutting Tool Storage Equipment Saves Time and Frustration

Posted by Kimball Midwest on September 9, 2021

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If your shop is like most, you use a lot of cutting tools every day and have multiple sizes and quantities of drill bits. Do you currently store them:

a. Neatly organized and easy to find?
b. Jumbled together in a box or drawer?

If your answer is b, read on.

Organizing your cutting tools can greatly improve your shop’s productivity by allowing your technicians to quickly identify the correct part and get back to work. In other words, they don’t lose any time sorting through a jumble of random drill bits to find the one they need or use the wrong one and ruin it in the hopes of saving time. Additionally, keeping your cutting tools organized also protects them and prolongs their life. These benefits add up to cost savings.

Fortunately, Kimball Midwest offers some great storage options for cutting tools.

The 3 Drawer Drill Index is made of heavy gauge steel for lasting durability. It has positive drawer stops to prevent accidental spills, and rounded compartment bottoms provide easy access to smaller drill sizes. This cabinet allows storage for multiple drills of each size.

If you want to keep drill bits in easy reach at your work station, our 1/2” Shank S&D Drill Bench Top Index may be a great option for you. This bench top case holds 33 pieces.

Our Maintenance Length Metal Index features all-steel construction for durability and long life. The indexed panels allow you to easily identify drill bits. The Maintenance Length Drill Ultra Index also features indexed panels, but it is made of heavy-duty composite and can easily be clipped to your belt when you need drill bits on-the-go. Both indexes hold 29 pieces.

Our Heavy Duty Drill Index securely stores, organizes and provides easy access to your drill bits. This index holds 29 bits in both maintenance and industrial length. The rubberized corners prevent slipping on work surfaces and protect the case and bits in the event of a fall. The lay-flat design ensures the index will not tip over, even with the drill trays extended.

If you need to store a larger number of drill bits, the Super Primalloy Ultimate Index is a great option. This unit holds 115 pieces, and the all steel construction ensures durability and long life. Indexed panels help you identify the drill bits you need quickly and easily.

Of course, these are empty indexes, which are convenient for storing the drill bits you already have. However, many of these indexes can also be ordered with drill bits included, or you can choose among a variety of other indexes we have in stock for other cutting tools. All you need to do isFind a Rep today!

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