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American-Made Products Where You Need Them Most

Posted by Kimball Midwest on August 12, 2021

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We know how important American-made products are to you. They are important to us, too.

With 80 percent of our inventory spend going to products made in the USA, it’s easy to find quality, American-made products among Kimball Midwest’s more than 51,000 offerings.

Here are just a few of our American-made products that might be right for your operation:

Air Dusters

Kimball Midwest Eco-Blast Air DusterOur Eco-Blast Air Duster provides a powerful blast of air to quickly remove dust, dirt, lint, microscopic contaminants and metallic oxide deposits from precision equipment. The odorless, moisture-free, high pressure gas leaves no residue.
The trigger spray head provides superior control, easier use and powerful cleaning blasts to dislodge contaminants, and the extension tube concentrates the blast for increased pressure and pinpoint accuracy.

The product also is environmentally friendly. It doesn’t deplete the ozone and has no harmful solvents. It’s ideal for use on instruments and controls, computers, audio and video components, timing devices, radios and other electronics.

Our Hi-Blast Air Duster has many of the same benefits as the Eco-Blast, but its non-flammable formula provides maximum safety and can be used on energized circuits. It’s ideal for use on instruments and controls, computers, audio and video components, timing devices, radios and other electronics.

80-724Circuit Cleaners
Our Circ-Kleen 2 Ozone Safe Electric Contact & Circuitry Cleaner is ideal for use on all types of electric contacts, relays, switches, circuit boards, tuners, tape heads, motors, armatures, rotors, points, control panels, starters and generators.

Its pure solvent formula leaves no residue, and it will not harm plastics, rubber or paint. It also dries and evaporates quickly. Finally, it has all the strength of conventional CFC-based circuitry cleaners in a formula that’s safer for the environment.

Dielectric Greases

Kimball Midwest Silicone Dielectric GreaseOur Dielectric Grease insulates, lubricates and protects electrical systems and connections, including preventing corrosion on trailer plugs, lighting sockets and other electrical connections. It also prevents fusing and tearing spark plug boots, keeps battery terminals free of corrosion, and preserves and lubricates O-rings and seals.

The pressure can dispensing system reduces waste and provides precise fingertip control. It’s waterproof and heat resistant, making it suitable for use in all vehicle electrical applications.


We offer a variety of threadlockers, so we’re sure to have the right ones for your shop.

Kimball Midwest Torque-LokThe Torque-Lok™ Medium Strength Threadlocker is ideal for threaded fasteners from 1/4" to 3/4" diameter. Common use cases include valve covers, water pumps, oil pans, drive shafts, gear boxes, conveyor rollers and carburetor studs.

The Torque-Lok™ High Strength Threadlocker is ideal for all fasteners up to 1” in diameter. Common use cases include cylinder block studs, ring gear bolts, truck transmission nuts, vibrating equipment fasteners, frame bolts, shock bolts, plow blade bolts and automotive suspension bolts.

Our gel and single-use threadlockers also are made in the USA and will provide reliable strength.

We have thousands more quality American-made products in stock and ready to send your way. If you don’t already have a Kimball Midwest sales representative taking care of your MRO needs, we’d be happy to help you Find a Rep!
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