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Posted by Kimball Midwest on November 16, 2023

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For 100 years, Kimball Midwest has been providing customers like you with all your maintenance, repair and operations needs. From organizing your workspace all the way down to supplying you with a specific tool you need, we have been there by our customers’ sides.


But it’s not only about the products we can supply you. Kimball Midwest offers so much more! We pride ourselves in making our customers happy so they can be as productive as possible. One way we do this is providing custom solutions.


Custom solutions are a little different for every customer and industry. Perhaps your employees are on the go and need compact products or a moveable workstation. Or just the opposite, maybe your needs are for a centralized shop setup for organization of fasteners, cleaning products, tools and everything else in between.


Kimball Midwest is here to provide a solution for whatever your needs are. So, how do we do this? We equip our sales representatives with the proper training to be productivity experts, industry specialists, efficiency analysts, technology pros, safety driven and demo dynamos.


These six terms go a long way when finding the custom solution you need. Let’s take a closer look at each one.


As productivity experts, our sales representatives will take note of what is working or not working in your shop that could be hindering your productivity levels.


For example, one of our customers needed a portable electrical workstation for their employees. Our team did some brainstorming and placed two wire and terminal caddy assortments on top of two four-drawer racks and secured a cable tie dispenser to the side. This custom solution allows workers to easily roll the workstation between projects without having to go back and forth to a parts room.


Being a leader in MRO needs, it’s safe to say we are industry specialists at this point. We have customers in every industry you could think of; agriculture, manufacturing, auto, food and beverage and many more. This has helped us know exactly what each industry needs from us and how to tailor existing solutions to custom solutions as needed.


Going hand in hand with productivity, our sales representatives are also efficiency analysts. Once a solution has been identified for your needs, we don’t stop there. We commit ourselves to analyze the efficiency and how we can do even better in the future.


As technology develops, your business needs a partner who keeps current with the evolution and connects you with new technological tools to help your business prosper. That’s why our sales representatives are also technology pros.


One way we are staying ahead of the game is through We can set an online account up for you to order what you need even when your representative isn’t at your location.


We are safety driven as custom solution experts. We can keep your team safe with important safety knowledge, including quick access to Safety Data Sheets and offering safety seminars on topics relevant to your operation.


Finally, as demo dynamos, we can show you our products in action, demonstrating a wide variety of solutions for your shop. And who doesn’t like to see the newest tools in action?


At Kimball Midwest, we never stop learning, continuously pursuing relevant training and information to continue to be an asset to your business.


If you are interested in a custom solution, reach out to your sales representative today to see how we can help you be the best at your business. If you do not have a sales representative to help you with custom solutions, we can help you Find a Rep!

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