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Don’t Test Your Wallet: Circuit Testers Can Save You Time, Money

Posted by Kimball Midwest on March 5, 2020

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“It’s not working.”

That’s a familiar refrain for many shop owners. You hear it from your crew, and the first thing that flashes in your mind is dollar signs.

You have to get your machine, truck or what have you to the shop to get diagnosed, and then comes the cost of the fix. Not only is the machine not working, which is costing you money, but it is going to cost you money to fix it somewhere else.

But at Kimball Midwest, we have solutions to help you diagnose the issue and do it quickly.

When you want to diagnose an electrical issue, or at least eliminate an electrical issue as a cause, the Circuit Check Pro and the Lightning Rod can help you get the job done in a snap.

The Circuit Check Pro helps quickly identify problems in 12- to 24-volt vehicle electrical systems. It locates bad grounds, inoperable motors, and faulty switches and relays along with checking for continuity, polarity and short circuits.

It has four modes (DC voltage, AC voltage, resistance and diode) and a 20-foot cable to each all over your vehicle.

The Lightning Rod is easier to use in tight spots and detects voltage greater than 50 volts AC without making direct contact with the circuit. It is a true two-hand operating unit.

The Lightning Rod conforms to safety standards for electronic measuring instruments with a CAT III 600V rating. It is ideal for use with heavy appliance outlets, feeder and branch circuits, distribution panels and other heavy-duty/service-related applications.

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