Rodents Damaging Your Engine? It May Be The Wire

It’s a fact of life that rodents are relentless chewers. They don’t discriminate, chewing on practically anything. When it comes to vehicles and farm equipment, rodents love to crawl up into dark engine compartments, particularly in cold weather, and make their nests. This often results in extensive damage and a hefty repair bill, not to mention safety issues and downtime caused by equipment failure.
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Electrical Chemicals

Chemicals for Your Electronics

It’s such a frequent problem in vehicles, it’s practically a cliché. It usually happens in winter, but the moment can strike anytime, ruining your day.

You turn the key and … nothing. Nothing happens other than a series of clicking sounds.

You’ve got an electrical problem, and your vehicle isn’t going anywhere until it’s solved.
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Making Sense of Auto Fuses

Despite its small size, an auto fuse is a critical component in your vehicle, protecting the valuable and delicate electronics in the event of a sudden electrical surge. Fuses are designed to melt if exposed to an overcurrent—interrupting the circuit before it causes more significant damage—but they are generally easy and inexpensive to replace.
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