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Are You Ready For A Mobile Hydraulics Unit?

Posted by Kimball Midwest on June 4, 2020

Tags: DOT, Hydraulic Systems, Fluid Flow, mobile crimper

If you are interested in a mobile hydraulics station, there’s a better-than-average chance you already have a hydraulics station in your main hub, and it probably works pretty well for you.

But mobile hydraulics stations are nothing new. Most people go about their day and never notice the trucks on the road that pass them with crimpers attached to the back.

But it’s not just the crimper that matters. You need the proper fittings and the hose at your fingertips. So just having a pickup truck isn’t enough. Making sure to have proper storage for those items if you are going from job to job, instead of stopping back at the office, is important because it not only saves you time, it saves you money.

One customer in the oil industry that is serviced by Kimball Midwest has a full trailer setup that the customer hauls from rig to rig so he can make repairs whenever and wherever he needs to on some of the biggest, most powerful and dirtiest hoses in the world.

The customer saw the value in creating a portable hydraulics workstation, saying “the drilling sites are sometimes hours away from the shop. To have the ability to fix hoses onsite is a huge financial savings.

“I do not have the luxury of downtime when a hose breaks, I need to replace it now.”

But it isn’t just big operations that need mobile units. Even a single mobile mechanic who knows their way around making a hose or fixing brake lines might see the benefit in owning a mobile hydraulics unit.

There’s a lot to know about hydraulics, and you aren’t alone when it comes to getting that information.

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